To My Self

Are you wondering how am I doing in my own space, in my own imaginations? Are you even wondering? I guess I’m going to talk to myself again, and let my inner self go for a walk and watch the sky. Session 1 -How are you? I’m okay, but in confusion. It is like I’m […]

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The Hidden

Chapter 1 (The Beginning of new born child) No word could explain how the other world of the reality was. The only two words I can say right now to fit this other world situation are tragedy and unique. Having the strength of hope or desire to know something beyond reality isn’t something that everybody has. […]

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It Won’t Be Forever.

No wound remains forever, but the pain stays and be reminded later. Yes, it may seem insane, that how can you feel the pain which is gone all over again. And no, you don’t feel it on your skin, but you feel it in your heart, over and over, unless you fight it and erase […]

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No man has ever wished to be drowned alive with his dreams on his shoulders. No man has ever been scared but of himself. No man has ever thought about what might happen to him in beyond. The moment you feel that you’ve been shut down from reality, is the moment where you will be […]

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Ever had a feeling where you are standing on a part of the earth, where wanting to survive in this world is no longer a choice. It’s either you fight for the things you want to, or sacrifice yourself for the people you care about? It is like you are surrounded with dark gloomy fogs, […]

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Work Harder

You have to pop so many bubbles to make a perfect bubble gum. Just because you aim it and then fail at it, it does not mean you can’t aim. You have to aim it carefully without any rush and look for the root of your aim. And the reason of why you’ve failed, is because […]

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How can I appreciate the dead, when he/she never appreciated the living? Once the living doesn’t appreciate another living, the living won’t appreciate when that living is dead. Appreciate them when their lungs are full of fresh air, not when its full of dirt.

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