Humanity of Love

Yes, I risked myself to safe two souls. Two young souls.
Why would I let you and the kid die, when I know there’s a chance to help and get you both out safely from fire? it was a huge risk, but that doesn’t give you a reason to love me. That’s not even a reason, and yes you owe me, rather it was your life or not..

Just cause a police officer/doctor/firefighter or even a stranger helped you out, doesn’t mean you will fall in love with them. The only thing that we get from here is respect and be thankful for their help and also appreciate them. To think that there are  still people around who will help the poor and rich. To treat them equally, which is just respect.

Let me give you a clearer example, we both are in supermarket,  you got your stuff to buy and so do I. Now I’m at counter or so whatever you call it, the price is 20$ but I only have 15$.. and when you see that I don’t have the exact money, you pay the rest of the money that I didn’t have, which was 5$.
Therefore that doesn’t make me to fall love with you nor give both of us the reason to love each other. You just get respect, in another word that’s what humanity is.
You don’t have to know the person so you would give them a hand. Also we can’t help everyone, just the ones who we are cable to help.

But beware of whom you shall help.

I know I got into another subject after another, my point is I don’t want you to be disappointed. Loving me for just saving your life is not a reason.
Love is a huge word.
Just be thankful that there was a person with guts who became brave enough to risk her life to safe two souls.

Funny how people are these days, they only exist, they don’t even try to live or even do something for humans sake.
Why buy the flower If you won’t take care of it?
In another meaning, why hire people if you will disrespect them?

You need to keep taking care of the flowers so your garden would bloom and be beautiful than other gardens. Just like you need your employees so your company would rise and be successful than others. 


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