I’m Not Asking For Much

Girls hide lots of things, yet they wish somebody would know what they’re feeling just by looking through their eyes. Girls can be picky and needy, but they’re like a child who needs to feel safe around someone’s arms.

All I need is for you to fight for me a bit, to be there for a bit, and to comfort me a bit.

I don’t need gifts, jewelry, or money, I just need somebody to be by my side, not just on my happy moments but also in my sorrowful days.

I may seem like a bad news, but I’m just girl who got ripped off her wings…

Just a girl who took her freedom and happiness away from her.

I don’t need any promises, because I’m sick of hearing unkept promises’ excuses and sorries.

I need something stable, something that will remind me that I’m not alone, that there’s a few who are willing to fight for me.

I don’t need names or even sayings.

I don’t need you to tell me you will be there, I just want you to be there.

Easy to be said,  but hard to be done.

I’m a girl that will always be in need of her mother, no matter what happens in life.  May seem that I’m undependable on my own self, but you’re wrong.

I’m independent, and I will always be a kid whenever I see my mother. we all become a child and cry once we see our mother in hurt, pain, or even when they’re happy, rather it was a joyful or unpleasant tears.

I’m independent to do things on my own, but not on unwanting someone to be there for me. We all need someone to make us feel safe,  and that it’s not too late. Most or perhaps few may say why would I need someone when I have god watching over me? God won’t ever disappoint  you, but people always will

I disagree, and yes god never disappoints us and also he’s watching over us, BUT God will never disappoint you in your needs. And God won’t help you if you will not work hard for the thing you desire first.

For an example;  god hands you a lovely car, but will he also drive it for you?

God hands you what you truly deserve.

God won’t be around when you are getting hurt, yet he will be watching, but wouldn’t just be great if somebody stood up for you and backed you up? Wouldn’t be at least get happy even for a minute?

I’ve been looking and searching, but it seems like the more I open up the more I get disappointed and left behind,  yet I don’t get why people even bother themselves to ask what’s wrong if they will leave you hanging?!!

Curiosity sometimes sucks.

Needing your best friend and they are not around or too busy to even help you out, also sucks.

But what sucks the most are the unkept promises.


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