Odd Aware

What if the things around us was just an illusion and what we were dreaming of was our reality?

Waking up in a mental hospital, surrounded by people who were soundless, and smell of fresh roses filling up the room. As I peak from an opened door, I see a pink hallway with a window in each side.
I see my sister running from that hallway to me, and she says Glad you have recovered! Are you ready to come back home, Sunshine?
I couldn’t reply her, my mind was so confused and I kept wondering how I ended up here.
A nurse comes in, puts her hand on my shoulder and saysyou can’t leave with hospital cloth on. Now go to that pink hallway, then turn left and when you see an opened white door with red silky fabric hanging, go inside. And there where you will find your cloth.”
I got up from the bed I was on, and looked around me a bit; saw everyone with a joyful smile on their faces like they are not even in a mental hospital, everything about it was quite normal.

My sister holds my hand and we both go to that pink hallway. Every door was white with Romanian numbers on them. What really caught my eyes as I was passing by each white door were two letters V-V.
An Asian woman with short black hair kept looking at me, then came at me asking if I was lost.
I didn’t answer her; I just looked around as if I didn’t hear her from the beginning. My sister answers her We are looking for a red silky room… something like that The woman pointed at the left hallway and said with a smile You aren’t who you claim to be. I felt in fear at the moment when she said that, so I whispered to my sisterLet us leave quickly”.

As we arrived to that room, my sister grabs a long string of white silk, rolls it around her ring finger and makes it look like an actual wedding ring. I saw my name on a yellow box, and knew it will be my cloth inside it, but got amazed in unpleasant way when I opened the box, seeing that there was a hole in my white ordinary looking dress… I said to myself Did I stab myself, if so then why can’t I remember anything!? My sister takes the dress out of my hand immediately as I get frozen in my place, speechless. She brings me a chair and tells me to stay here while she goes to bring another cloth.

My hands start shaking and my heart starts racing, like I was stuck in a hurricane or a battlefield.
As I feel like falling, my sister comes and puts a blanket around me and says It’s all going to be okay, it’s just a matter of a time
I get dressed and we both head home.  I lie on my favorite blue sofa then close my eyes and not questioning anything. Next thing that I know, that there’s an old man with long white beard and strong looking, holding an axe. I stood up feeling scared, asking Who are you? And what on earth are you doing in my house with that axe!? I backed off and stood 5 feet away from him. He looked at me weirdly and said I’m sorry for everything, but you can’t live. You are possessed and killed your own parents. You couldn’t handle the pain inside you, so you decided to kill yourself, but you didn’t die. And I can’t let it grow even bigger in you. The more it grows the more powerful it gets.”
I was completely in shock and couldn’t even believe a thing. As soon as he raises his axe, I run away. Then I call out for my sister, but I hear no responds. When I arrive at the end of the room, I turn around and see a mirror. I see a lady who isn’t me, with orange reddish wavy long hair, wearing white long dress. I panic and say to myself That isn’t me, there got to be a mistake! What kind of sick illusion is this!!? I cry and set on the floor, repeatedly asking why…

As I take a deep breath and calm myself down, I get tons of flash backs of a lady killing her own family and ripping them apart roughly into pieces. And when she turns around, I see the lady that I am that who isn’t me.She… possessed me…  I say to myself while breathing heavily.

Someone comes into the room, a young man with dark hair and says Don’t you dare to run. The voice is so familiar, I get closer to see his face and I see my brother, my youngest brother standing right in front of me with a pistol in his hand. He comes closer and closer as I get further and further. He points his gun at me with his hand shaking and look of fear in his eyes, but he puts his gun down as he sees me shading a tear and saysI can’t and won’t kill you, but I have to shoot you in the leg… I panicked even more than I was and kept saying NO loudly, but he shot me anyway…
I couldn’t move, and it was hard for me to crawl.  I looked at him and askedWhy? he looked down with tears filling his eyes and said with a sad voice Which reason you want to know? Why you killed our parents or why I shot you in the leg? I told him that I know why I killed my parents, and that person wasn’t me. The lady that it is inside me is eating me out and controlling my soul… I even feel the fire burning up in my heart. He said There is no other way, but to kill you. That’s the only way how she will vanish.” I yell out loud saying WHAT IF IT DIDN’T WORK!? WILL YOU EVEN HAVE A GUT IN KILLING YOUR OWN SISTER!? If so then why did you shoot me in the leg?
I didn’t see any hesitation when you ripped apart our parents, so why should it be hard for me? And I shot you in the leg so you wouldn’t be able to move fast, because whatever that it is inside you, gets alive and powerful with every hate. I laugh and glance away saying you still think that I, who killed our parents?

I see myself floating; my eyes start to bleed, and my head starts to bending back and forth. I grabbed my brother’s neck toughly, and didn’t give him any mercy, but out of sudden I hear something ringing repeatedly…

This time I wake up for real and look around myself, seeing that everything is normal and that it was just a nightmare. When I wanted to get off the bed and switch the alarm off I stumble and fall, then I see the two letters V-V written on my mirror. I freaked out…

And ever since from that dream, I keep wondering, rather it was some sort of a message or … a warning.


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