People are like stars. Some are big, small or even very tiny. Some shine and some don’t. We are only noticeable when we shine. Doesn’t matter how small, tall, short, fat, and skinny you are.

But as we are the stars, some people are like the moon. They need to be surrounded around right people, in order to shine. Just like the moon will only shine with sun by its side, and be even more beautiful with the stars surrounding it.

Even the biggest thing needs the smallest thing to be completed.

That’s why we make for ourselves lovers, best-friends and families. And yes, it is great to be independent, but it is also wonderful to think or even to have someone that somewhere, somehow or at some-point protecting and missing us, or even dying to just to be with us. It is really great to have someone who will catch you when you fall.

Some or maybe most of us, find it really hard to find a great friend or lover, but darling, you don’t need to look for that someone. Let the love or the bond of friendship find you. Yes it will take a while, but keep in mind that a great things always take time.

We never know which one we are. Are we the stars or the moon? I always ask myself, am I the star or the moon? Then I think about how I used to be back then and compare it to what I have become now.
I used to be the star, always sharing and playing, but then I became the moon, always needing someone to rely on and tell my secrets to…
But now, I’m the space…

I’m around everyone, yet cannot be recognized, because among all of the shiny stars, who would enjoy looking at the space? It is more like a dark paradise to me. I used to share my happiness, sadness, pain, stories, and even my secrets to that only someone, but now I share it with every star and even to the moon. It surely as hell feels uncomfortable, but when you’re the space, you have no choice but to empty your thoughts at whomever you see. We don’t have a favorite star, but we wish we had one.

I’m always behind those stars, watching over them, but none looks back at me and says I will be there when your colors fade away. I will be beside you when the sun makes you blue. I may seem invisible in the day, but I’m there and will be watching you. I will wait for you till the sun sets and make you sparkle with happiness” wouldn’t it just be nice to have a favorite star?

Therefore, I’m waiting for you my lucky star. I will be waiting until you show up, and together we could be the moon and the star.
I’ll back you up and make you smile when you can’t look at yourself or feeling depressed.

I will be your star when you are the moon, and you will be my star when I’m the moon.


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