Work Harder

You have to pop so many bubbles to make a perfect bubble gum.

Just because you aim it and then fail at it, it does not mean you can’t aim. You have to aim it carefully without any rush and look for the root of your aim.
And the reason of why you’ve failed, is because you’ve been greedy and wanting to get whatever you want so easily and fast, therefore you’ve been aiming blindly and carelessly.

Not everything comes easy, and not everything looks perfect.
If you want your award, you have to work for it carefully.

Making mistakes, are not so wrong. They’re a great teacher.
If you didn’t fail, you would’ve never known the root of your failure. Now that you know, you will not make the same mistake again. And always keep your eyes open, because not everything we see is exactly what it seems to be.

Therefore,you can’t make your bubble gum huge and perfect with one strike. You have to chew it multiple times, and pop it as many as you can till you get the perfect bubble.


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