Ever had a feeling where you are standing on a part of the earth, where wanting to survive in this world is no longer a choice. It’s either you fight for the things you want to, or sacrifice yourself for the people you care about? It is like you are surrounded with dark gloomy fogs, but then again it is all an illusion.

Those fogs are actually your partners, they may seem gloomy, but they never let you down. You can’t see them when everything is falling apart. But then again, your mind fools you and so do your eyes. Not everything you see is quite what you think it is.

Close your eyes now, and only focus on your own heartbeat. Imagine yourself standing on the top of the mountain.
What do you sense around you?
What do you hear?
How do you feel?
tumblr_n656sdnQLF1trp42fo1_500Nothing, you sense nothing but the cold breeze on your face.
It is completely quiet. You only hear your heartbeat

My point is, no matter where you stand or how high you get, you will always be by your own facing the darkness and your fears.
And the people you call friends, will only be around to just watch you. Yes, they say that they will be by your side and guide you, but no…
They will only guide you to their dreams. They don’t know what you want, nor what your wishes are.

Have your own map, make your own goals, fight your battles, and follow your steps very carefully, because there won’t be a hand to reach when you fall into someone else’s dreams.


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