No man has ever wished to be drowned alive with his dreams on his shoulders.
No man has ever been scared but of himself.
No man has ever thought about what might happen to him in beyond.

The moment you feel that you’ve been shut down from reality, is the moment where you will be stuck in beyond for a while.
You start to hear voices, noises, laughter, and growls. Then you ask yourself “Will I ever be in peace? Will I ever be remembered?”

Your questions are your answers.

Remember, not always what you see can be good, and not always what you hear can be evil.

Limbos may seem to be so harmless, senseless and soundless, yet so frightening. Your mood and energy swings from time to time. Your body can be cold as ice, and pale like a dead person.

No man has ever imagined that it could be that bad.
No man has ever wanted to be stuck in between.
No man has ever been scared ore of himself.
Your illusions, can and will destroy you.
Your trust, can and will rip you apart.
Your hopes, can and will disappoint you.

Eyes shut tight, but the ears are open.
Mouth sealed, but the mind is open.
The only thing will appear, is your fear. You can’t move a single muscle, your skin starts to itch, and once you open your eyes, you will find yourself in another dimension. A dimension full of pain and sorrows…
You hear them cry and see them walk in circles, like there’s no turning back or any other path to go to.
You feel heavy and get the hesitation, then a fear strikes in your head as fast as the lighting.

Cold finger tips, pale face, and your heart starts to race. Your sins start to surround you and not even your shadow can help you.
Evil beats the good, just like the fire melts the ice.
Fire can warm your heart, but also can burn you down.

Your sins are your fears.
Sins can’t be easily removed, if you’re going to repeat them all over again. You should get over your fears so you could erase your sins.
Sins are like the monsters you create. Nobody knows its weak point beside the creator of the monster.

The people you hear crying, are the people who live in their fears.
Fear of losing, fear of ignorance and most of all, fear of dying.

We shouldn’t be afraid of death, when all what we did is good in the world. We shouldn’t be afraid of death if we are willing to help each other out, unless if you kept doing bad things. You better erase them with good, because you might die today, right at this moment while you’re reading this.

How, you ask?

Well, you could be on your bed now, and suddenly the smell of gas was filling the room. It could choke you to death or blow up and burn you.
You could be in the car and reading this, when out of a sudden, a truck, bus or another car, smashes into your car.

We never know, and won’t ever. You just have to make time to do good deeds in the world. A normal thanks could make someone’s day or someone smile. A single appreciation towards someone is enough too.

And for myself, if I die today, I want to be around my mother, because I know she kept lots of sorrows to herself, and I can relate to her the most.
If there is no such thing as heaven or hell or even if there is, either ways I want to stick around my loved ones. Not to scare them, but to show or let them know that even when I’m dead, my soul/spirit isn’t dead. And that I will always be watching your back.

You aren’t alone and never will be. I could be cold as ice when you sense my presence, but my heart will be warm enough to let you know that I’m not gone…
And yes, you won’t be able to see me, but you will sense my presence. I don’t need you to feel scared, because then I have to step back. I don’t want to see your tears unless if they are tears of joy.

I will always and forever be by your side, even if you weren’t.
I will be just like an air you breathe.
I will show up and be there, whenever you call my name.

And I know some or maybe most don’t believe in ghosts/spirits and afterlife. Well, I really don’t blame you for not believing, and I won’t prove you wrong.
We all got our own beliefs.
We never believe unless we see it with our own eyes.

Death can be painful, cruel and take out all the good people… 
And sometimes, we wish death.
It can be frightening, but darling, never fear anything. Everything has its own time.

Remember, don’t be afraid of the dead too, because they were once human being like you and I.
And the dead has only one wish, which is to live again. Some may say that they didn’t quite appreciate the life they had before in a right way and that they couldn’t say a single sorry to the people they’ve hurt, in order to save their prides. And that’s why they wish they could live again.

Chances are like balloons, you get tons of it and if you don’t use any of it, it will either fly away or explodes.


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