The Hidden

Chapter 1
(The Beginning of new born child)wings-Coopy(2) - Copy

No word could explain how the other world of the reality was. The only two words I can say right now to fit this other world situation are tragedy and unique. Having the strength of hope or desire to know something beyond reality isn’t something that everybody has.
Yes, some may have curiosity, but not willing to find out, they just want to know. The other world is quite rare; nobody ever heard of it nor saw it. You need to imagine and believe that it exists.

The Alexander family is known as the unbelievable creatures. Now back in 1754, this family had a huge war in their world; it was such a chaos, so many dead bodies and feathers covered with blood. The darkness really controlled their world, soldiers of blood and obscurity didn’t leave anyone there alive, and every child and women were killed by hands of this bloody cold hearted king, called William.
William hated happiness, hated to see everyone to live in peace, therefore he made the world of peace and imagination…. Hell
His family killed the Alexander’s family, they only kept Alexander’s wife, Amy who was pregnant and her wings had two gold feathers.
They wanted to take the baby as soon as Amy gives birth to it, so they would get stronger and powerful with this new born child. The strength of child’s desire and imaginations are lot stronger and wider than the grownups. And as soon as the child gets born, they poison Amy, and cut her wings off, yet when she dies, her wings turn into ashes, even the gold ones.
Of course king William got mad and disappointed, but that doesn’t hold him back in destroying the real world of human beings, because he has something, the only child with white heart and strength that can absolutely ruin people’s happiness with telling them the lie that the child going to learn from William’s family. And as the child grows up with untrue story of her parents’ life, she gets mad and the strength of her hate to people gets stronger and stronger. William’s wife, Sandra kept telling the child:
Oh dear, now that you are 14, you have to know something… Something really terrible. Your parents didn’t actually love you, they left you at in front of our door, though they left a note saying: “don’t bring this child for us, this child Is cursed, and we don’t want her, so hopefully you can take this child, and if you are afraid of her just because she’s cursed, you can kill her, we couldn’t kill her.. It was hard for us to.” So as you can see, they left you just like that. And gladly they died
A huge smile shows upon Sandra’s face, as Olivia known as the child with massive strength, starts to cry with hate filling her heart. But of course Olivia didn’t believe a thing, because she knows no woman could hate her child nor leave her alone, so she just got sad even if she doesn’t believe the story that been just heard from Sandra…
it is just when she hears such thing, she gets sad and hopeless. That shows that she still owns the heart of an angel and the blood of Alexander’s.
James the son of darkness king, always shows up with a smile on his face, ‘cause of the war that they have won, but yet gets disgusted when he sees Olivia. He has desire to kill her, but his mother stops him from killing her because they need her gold feathers, and heart to build a stronger kingdom of blood and cold hearted people.

*Few years passes by*

Olivia doesn’t know a thing about owning wings nor about the strength that she has. She is just clueless and feels always lonely; like there’s something isn’t right and that something is just missing. James’s elder sister, Sophie becomes close to Olivia’s heart and plays with her mind with cheap talk and hate.
Hello Olivia, how’s the princess of half devil is doing? *winks* says Sophie,
Oh hey Sophie… I’m not even sure of how I’m feeling anymore; I don’t actually feel anything anymore, like everything I see… I just *exhales the madness* want to destroy it, I feel in hate, and madness. All I want to do is break things… and I…
Sandra comes into the room and doesn’t let Olivia to finish her talk.
No, no  … no dear, I won’t let you to break things in my house says Sandra. Olivia stays in silence, just starring at the Sandra’s eyes with hate.
You think that you can stop me and tell me what to do, whenever you want to? You aren’t my real mother, so why should I obey you? says Olivia with anger and her eyes change from greenish honey into dark bloody color.
DON’T YOU DARE to disobey or talk to me that way..!! I’ve raised you! Your stupid foolish family left you! And that’s how you repay me, after all the things I have done for you? Says Sandra with unpleasant voice.
William comes into the room with worried and wondering face expression, and says What’s going on here!?
ASK THE BLOODY CURSED CHILD!! says Sandra as her face goes red.
Olivia laughs and walks around the room, and says “HAHA, Yes I’m a bloody cursed child, maybe my real parents were right after all, and don’t you think , you all are devious and having desire to kill me? Or maybe I’m imagining. And oh, oh dear Sandra, didn’t you raised me with hate? Well that’s how you raised me, not to obey and just be cold hearted, wasn’t that your wish? So I think I’m in a right family and right place.
Everybody gets amused and their jaw falling from their mouth from the shock that got into them, wondering how an Alexander’s daughter can turn out this way? How did the hate gone into her so easily…
Olivia walks out from the room and goes out from the castle to get some fresh air and clear her mind. She says to herself “I hope, they got fooled by that… ugh being so mean doesn’t feel good… I must leave this castle, search for my parents and find people who are worth trusting *takes a deep breath*.
On the other side, William’s family is just happy and laughing; because they wanted Olivia to be the first angel to turn into a devil, to show the other world that they can easily turn their world into hate and hell.
And as the king goes to his room, his daughter Sophie follows him and asks Father, can you tell me more about the other world… Human beings… And all that stuff… Because I have this curiosity that it’s killing me to find out Olivia passes by the king’s room, and hears the word Human. She stops there next to the room and hears everything that they are talking about.
Sweetie, you are still young to hear this… But since you are curious, I shall tell. You see, humans are weak; they can easily be controlled and fooled. It’s more like Olivia’s family, how it was easily to kill them. You see that hall way next to our house?”
Yeah father, what about it? There’s a door that you warned us about, to not ever open it unless you told us to
well Sophie, that door leads to humans world, and since Olivia is filled with hate and got fooled by our story of her family, we can take over the world now.

Olivia heads to her room fast, and sees James in her room What are you doing here…?,
Nothing, I was waiting for you Olivia A smile shows upon his face as his eyes turns into calm blue waves and gets closer to Olivia.
What do you want then? says Olivia. *gets a little further from James*
I heard tomorrow you are going to turn 18, so I brought this gift for you. I didn’t want to be an asshole to you, thinking that I have forgotten your birthday, because I know how girls are when a guy forgets a girl’s birthday. He grabs Olivia’s arms, pulls her closer to him and hugs her.
Olivia pushes him away and says stay away from me, or else!”,
Or else what Olivia, you will kill me? He smiles the half smile
just stay away from me James, I don’t feel okay right now… Just… Leave, please says Olivia as she crosses her arms together.
But before I go, I must say that I’m amazed, it seems you have strength in you after all, quite impressive says James.

Olivia locks her room as James leaves, and wonders as she lies on her bed.
Was James, sweet with me? Oh god… That’s weird; I hope he isn’t falling for me or something. Ugh stop thinking that way Olivia! There’s no way that he might like me… I mean he wants to kill me. He has this desire… But I have to admit that he is a bit cute even if he hates me, his eyes are just breath taking… Now let’s forget about that, I must find a way out of here, a way for not being seen while I head to that door which leads to humans’ world. This is going to take me a while.

Olivia is still clueless about having wings and strong strength of beating the darkness of blood. She finds herself similar to humans. And as days pass by she gets a strong desire in killing the family of darkness and bloody cold hearted soldiers.

Chapter 2
(The Escape)

Olivia turns 18, and all she ever wants for her birthday is to see her family, which is impossible to achieve for now. She forces herself to smile and pretend like there’s nothing wrong, when all what surrounds her, are pain and hopeless dreams.
The kings of darkness, decided to hand Olivia a sword, and teach her the techniques, only if she agreed in killing humans.
I’m on your side father, and I’ll do what you command me to, just to make this kingdom stronger and bigger. And if it takes me to kill these pathetic creatures that we call Humans then BE IT! said Olivia with calm serious voice.
William smiles and hands Olivia the sword of demon warrior and while he hands it to her, he says I’m proud of you my young demon, by every kill you kill, you get stronger and powerful, and by getting stronger, you get filled with black strength which leads you to get your revenge easily
Wait… *with worried voice by Olivia* does that mean I’m going to have black shadows behind me, and hands full of… blood?
Not just behind you my dear, but it will be around you. All the dimness in you will come out, bound and fight with you until all of them are dead. And is there a war without blood? said William.
Olivia sheds a tear, glances away and says I suppose I should be going then, to practice a bit.
She goes to the back yard, to practice and try to control her strength while she’s mad. James jumps in front of her with a sword in his hand and attacks her.
AAAHH!! *her sword falls off from her hand* Can you not be more childish than you are already…?.
Hahaha, I must admit that you still look beautiful while you shout says James.
Get lost James, I don’t want to waste my precious time, *takes her sword out and continues practicing* every second I must value it
I see you became more delicate and strict. Hmm very lovely. I heard you going to join us in our next battle against humans, is it true? says James with the half smile.
I’m not even sure if I know myself, *stops practicing and looks up with hopeless expression* nor I know what I’m becoming. Everything is just too blurry to me, and yes it is true.Says Olivia and walks away from him.
It is just a beginning Olivia, but don’t worry as soon as you kill them, you will know who you really areSays James.
Olivia ignores him, goes to her room to take a nice shower and rest. Everyone at the castle sleeps, except for the bloody cold hearted soldiers. She packs her stuff and leaves her sword.
I don’t want to take anything that involves darkness; they can all go to hell And as she leaves the castle very carefully, she bumps up with two soldiers, Pass me, or you won’t see any blood except yours The soldiers have no other choice except to allow her pass. Olivia’s eyes get lighter, and her smile gets wider while she’s half there to the door of the humans world, but stops when she gets there to glance at the castle one last time. And when she turns around, she finds James in front of her,
Where do you think you’re going?Says James while Olivia looks into his eyes turn into calm blue waves.
Stay back, James Says Olivia as her heart starts to race.
You thought you can *gets closer to her* fool all of us, with your pathetic acts? Well, you may have fooled my family, but you can’t fool me. Now when I tell my father about this, Hmm what will he do to you? Oh yes, kill you *pulls out the sword as his black wings comes out* but I will finish you for himSays James with a smile.
You can’t kill me, nor can your family. You want me, or should I say you need my heart, so you would get lot powerful. And you know that I’m cable of destroying this bloody kingdom. Says Olivia and gets further from him.
I see you have done your research very well *laughs* and yes, you are cable of it, but not while I’m aroundSays James.

Olivia runs away, and bumps into him again. He grabs her neck You … are … hurting me *tears fall down to her cheeks* please let me goSays Olivia while he grabs her neck tightly.
James feels her pain; heart beat and says I… I … can’t do it … He drops her and flies away.
Olivia looks at him while he flies away. Then she runs to the door that leads to human’s world and opens up the door; a bright light appears. She throws herself into the bright glowing light, hoping that it will make any difference.

Olivia has made it. Her guts and courage are just like her mother Amy. If only her mother was alive, she would be so proud of her daughter. Olivia doesn’t believe that her family is actually dead; she still has hope, even if she sounds so hopeless about it.

As she wakes up, from where she has fallen, she stays on her knees saying Oh dear mother, you have no idea of how much I miss you, I know that I will die soon enough of what I did, but at least I will die while finding you and my father, I will not die in shame, nor as cold hearted warrior. And if it is true that you are dead… Then wait for me mother, up there in heaven till I feel your warmth…
She keeps saying that over and over. Her eyes looks like a green forest filled with broken trees that caused by heavy rains and storms, which are her hopes.
A child comes near her, hugs her and says Don’t cry, my mama told me crying won’t solve anything nor it will bring back anything, just have faith. Olivia wipes away her tears, looks around her and asks Where am I?  Why are you here by yourself, it’s dangerous to be alone… Did your mother leave you?.
No, my mama would never leave me; mama loves me so, so much. My brother and I are playing a game called Hide and Seek Says the child with innocent smile on his face.
A coarse sexy voice comes from inside the house saying Hey kiddo, YOU WIN, now where the hell you are?
Oh no, that’s my brother, *hides inside the tree house* don’t tell him I’m here Says little Joey to Olivia.
Oh hey, who are you? says the guy.
I’m not an intruder, and stay back or I will cut your head off! says Olivia with worried voice.
With what exactly…? Says the guy, as he looks at Olivia’s eyes.
with this huge axe next to me!  Says Olivia with confident.
”You sure you can lift *Olivia lifts up the axe* that… Oh never mind, I assume you work out a lot Says the guy with funny coarse voice.

Olivia comes closer, just to scare him and then run away, but unfortunately she couldn’t.
Drop that axe, I won’t let you to hurt my brother, go away!! I thought you were good! But you are here to kill my brother Says little Joey.
No, I’m not here to kill your brother, I… Am just afraid. I thought he will hurt me, I’m really sorry. says Olivia with scared voice and puts down the axe.
If not, then how did you come inside..? I’m sure every door and window are locked very well says the guy.
I’d rather say nothing and leave. So please let me pass says Olivia.

They guy lets her go, without even calling the police. As Olivia leaves the house, she says to herself “I thought humans are just creatures, but it feels that they are so weak and innocent…Then all what that bloody old man said was bunch of lies, and If this thing was a lie then my parents are alive! I hope so at least.  Now I better find some place to stay in; it’s getting cold and dark outside.”

She runs to the woods, with heart racing so fast, mind filled of lies, heart filled with hopes, and eyes filled of rains. She finds an old tree house, and decides to stay in for a while.

I wonder if she attends to my school says the guy.
Wow Chris and stranger sitting on the tree, K, I, S, S, I, N, G, *Chris holds his brother and tickles him* stop it please, it hurts says little Joey with joy.
Well, it seems Olivia gone too far this time, still chasing the unknown real tale of her family, and still clueless about her strength, but at least she believes in the word of Hope. Yet she is in a horrible turmoil, which might kill her.

Chapter 3
(The Arrival)

The sun never rises in the Kingdom of Dimness. It’s just a place filled with fogs and hatred. You are probably wondering how they know if it’s a day or night time, to sleep or to wake up… Well there’s only a wasted time in the kingdom. They sleep and wake up whenever they are pleased to.
Once the queen wakes up, she heads to Olivia’s room, to leave her gift, and as soon as she notices that she isn’t here, she calls out for the soldiers with angerSOLDIERS!!!
Yes my queen says the soldiers, with their chins up, and their swords held immobile. Where is she? Where’s Olivia!??
She headed to the humans’ world, my queen.

Sandra gets frustrated, and takes one of the soldiers’ swords, and kills them both for not being careful and wise. She goes to her room and wakes her husband, William and says William, wake up you fool, *Breaks everything around her* WAKE UP,
What’s wrong with you? Are you insane? Says William as he wakes up and holds Sandra’s shoulders.
Don’t you dare to touch me William; I told you we must kill that little foolish girl. She is no good for us.
Why? What happened? Did she … please tell me she didn’t open the gate says William with confused voice and expression, and heads to the gate.
Sophie and James woke up from their parents’ voice while they were arguing. The queen tells her daughter Sophie, to search around the house, and her son James, to go to the forest and look for Olivia, even though he knows that she headed to the humans world, he still searches for her in the forest, just to make his mother believe that he knows nothing about Olivia nor he did talk to her before she escaped.
When William arrives to see the gate, and sees that the door of the gate is open, he says Never knew you would have that much of guts in you OliviaWith impressed voice.

Mother, I found this note under her bed it says “I heard and knew everything. You thought you can build me up with lies, and comfort me with it? Well think again you disgraceful fools, if you want to exterminate me, then come on and show me what you got. I’ll be waiting. –Your little canny angle.” I assume, she finally found out everything, it’s a bit early to hunt her down, don’t you think mother? says Sophie.
The queen is quite astonished about what happened, and the king is completely flabbergasted. Then James comes and says There’s no sign for her in the forest father.,
I know son, because the gate’s door was open, she clearly escaped. No wonder why she was so bizarre in past few days ago.

The family of obscurity will attack the humans’ world, as soon as they get their full strength.

Now back in the humans’ world, Earth, Olivia feels so safe and comfortable, yet so afraid of what might happen to her and to this world. Olivia wakes up and sees two lovely birds beside her are singing tweet tweet tweet”,

I wish I could understand what you are saying, but if you are hungry, then you better search somewhere else than here. Says Olivia to the hungry birds.
While she comes down from the tree house, she hears peoples’ footsteps and voices are getting closer and closer…

What a lovely woods *with a joy voice*, hey Lea, look at that old tree house.
Wow, that’s really beautiful, Come on let us check it out”. Says Lea to Jessica.

Olivia says to herself oh no… what am I suppose to do now Lea comes into the tree house and gives Olivia the odd look.
Hey, Lea, why on earth did you stopped! says Jessica.
There’s a girl inside… Says Lea.
And when they both get into the tree house, Olivia says with worried voice Please don’t hurt me.
We are not here to hurt you, we just wanted to see the tree house. How long have you been here? says Lea.
I have been here since yesterday.  Says Olivia.
Well girl, you are some hot mess, do you know where your house is? says Jessica with funny voice.
I don’t belong into this world, I’m here to look for my family, the Alexander’s, and I suppose you ladies have heard of it, we are well known everywhere. Says Olivia with a calm voice.
Damn girl, you talk in a really awkward way and cut out the nonsense. Come on; let’s clean you up, ‘because you look like shit right now. Besides, where the hell did you get this cloth from, back in death century honey? Just follow us, let’s get you out of here, and don’t worry you highness, we won’t hurt you”Says Jessica.

As Jessica drives lea and Olivia to her house, Olivia says this is some idiosyncratic thing we are in,
Honey, it’s called a car… you really sound like you don’t know any shit, and I’m starting to believe that you are insane says Jessica.
Hey Jessica, can you stop saying shit, it’s really getting annoying, and it’s also bothering Olivia says Lea with clam angry voice.
Well, I don’t give a shit says Jessica with a funny voice.
It’s fine with me ladies. Nobody has to change their way of talking. Don’t be the bird in the cage or a trapped soul, be the bird that spreads its wings and an unbound soul says Olivia.
Have you ever thought of taking a role in a legendary?Says Jessica as she wonders.
Jessica, stop it. For real” Says Lea.

And as they arrive to Jessica’s house, Olivia just stands in front of her house starring at two yellow windows which reminded her, of her room’s yellow curtains that she has chosen back in the dimness kingdom.

Jessica pokes Olivia, Oh, I’m sorry I got distractedsays Olivia.
My dad built this house for us, he said “Yellow color brings joy and every time I stare at it, can’t help myself but to smile and be thankful *Looks away*… anyway let us get inside says Jessica with sad voice and blessed expression.
“Your father is right” Says Olivia
“No, he WAS right. And yes, he died… Three years ago.” Says Jessica.
“I’m really sorry… I didn’t mean to. says Olivia while hugging Jessica.
Umm girls, let us not bring our mood down, let us just get dressed, get ready for the college and get wasted… A long day is ahead of us! Now COME ON! LET US GET READY!! I don’t want to seem rude or careless, but it’s for our best. Your father, David was such a great guy.”Says Lea.
So the ladies smile and get ready for the first day of college, but before that, Olivia feels weird about her new cloth and says Ladies, I really don’t think that it’s the kind of cloth I would love to wear. it’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just sounds so wrong and uncomfortable on me; White short skirt with red top, and also black startling tights, Really?”,
I assume you are right, because you look one of those slutty girls in our school… No offense though. says Lea.
Olivia looks around and tries to find the cloth that fits her. YES, FOUND IT! That dark green sweater over there, that has black feather on it, seems really nice and not too conspicuous. And those black heels and dark blue jeans. A huge smile shows upon Olivia’s face.
Damn girl, since when you are fashion expert? You got some skills! I’m very amused, by how a girl that talks in legendary way, has great taste in matching colors and cloth. Says Jessica with amused voice. Lea laughs and then Olivia says Never judge a person of how they talk, but on how they approve and show it to you. And never judge on how they look like, because the looks of the person will not remain the same, it will fade away.

Chapter 4
(Glance of the Eye)

New fresh day starts with no worries, fights, and doubts. Olivia feels lot better after she met those girls and also with her new cloth of course.
As they enter the school, Olivia feels bulky, Hey girls, how was your vacation? And Jessica you got skinny and look at that ass! says one of the girls in school,
Well you know *Feels confident* I’ve been working out says Jessica.
While the ladies head to sign up which subject they want to attend to, and get their class schedule, Olivia sees Chris and Hides her face with a book,

Umm, Olivia? Is there something wrong? says Lea with worried voice.
No, there’s nothing wrong, it’s just the book is interesting and somehow *Bulky face* smells good Says Olivia while the both ladies stare at her in a weird way.

Oh hey Chris,*Shy face* how have you been? Says Lea.
Been good, thanks. What about you girls?Says Chris as Olivia tries to slowly get away from them,
We’ve been pretty awesome. Well Chris; this is Oli… Wait, where did she go? *Looks around her* umm Chris, can we talk later? Because I have to find her and then head to my class, so see you tonight at Malco Beach Says Lea with an unsure voice.
Yeah sure, why not. Says Chris with a smile.

While the both ladies go and search for Olivia, the bell rings, therefore they had to attend their class. And for the obvious reason none of them wanted to be late at their first day of college. Chris didn’t have a class at 9:00 AM; his class starts at 10:20 AM. He was asking and wondering Hmm how should I waste my time? And who was that girl, the one that was covering her face with a book? Probably she was into the book, or paying lot of attention to it. Oh well, it could be either of them. I better head to the library and study a bit.

Olivia was at library, trying to find a book that talks about her family, but she couldn’t find one, so she decided to take a book that talks about battles and sword fighting techniques. She kept on reading and memorizing each movement that it takes to fight with a sword. As Chris enters the library, he doesn’t find a place to set except near Olivia and says Hey is this seat taken? If not, can I…  Olivia looks at him and gets scared, and while she wanted to get up and escape, Chris held her arm,

Let me go *pushes as hard she can* please… let me go, I won’t be around here ever again, please, I’m begging you sir… Says Olivia with worried voice and tears in her eyes.

Calm down… I’m not here to hurt you,*looks at her eyes* I just wanted to study here, but you seem all frightened like I’m a killer or something He lets go off her arm.

I’m sorry, that I take you as a killer in my eyes, but there can’t be chances that I will be in save around anyone, nor there is a chance where I can trust someone. People seem so happy here, filled with love and care, how can they be so mindless, and not think about what if, someone decided to ruin all that happiness? How can they handle the pain then? Have they ever tried in feeling such thing? All I’m trying to say is that I’m not even sure to believe if this world is real, because all I see is a fantasy. Says Olivia with her voice shaking.

Most of us don’t think about what will happen to them in the future. Most try to live the best at this moment, and try their best to live it with hope, love and care. You see, what really keeps us moving and not to worry about anything is, HOPE. Hope lasts longer than anything, as long as you believe in that something you want to achieve. Besides that makes us wise not mindless, because we attend to work and make things possible at this moment, in order to have the best in upcoming life. Says Chris with confidence.

Olivia glances away and tries to hide the tears in her green eyes, which look like rain forest.
Now cheer up, will ya? It’s not like; you’re the only one who feels in gloomy weather around her. And by the way, I’m Chris, and I’m sorry for scaring the hell out of you, and that kid you saw at my place, he’s my brother, we call him ‘Little Joey’ -Chirs,

Well hello Chris, my name is Olivia, and I’m as well sorry for…*Bell rings* almost everything. -Olivia

Nice knowing ya, and now I better head to my class, before that fat ass old man shouts at me, and let me see you tonight, at Malco beach, your friend Lea knows it.” -Chris

Chris heads to his class, and Olivia feels lot comfortable after she knew that he wasn’t up to in killing her. She decided to take history class, and as she enters in, sees Chris there also attending History class. She gets amazed.

Good morning students, today a new student will join us, her name is Olivia Alexander.” Says the History teacher.

HELLO OLIVIA!! says the class, out loud. Olivia just smiles and sits at her place, saying no word.

Okay students, open page 106. *Someone whispers* Psst, hey Olivia, I’m Jake; you look hot to be honest.

JAKE, can you pay attention to me?  Is your flirting time more important than learning? says the teacher with anger.

Excuse me sir, but he just wanted a pen, nothing moresays Olivia with calm voice.

Is it true Mr. Jake?-teacher

Yeah, it’s true”. -Jake

Since today is the first day for all of us, let us talk about something legendary. Now, did any of you hear a tale about the Alexander’s and what happened to them back in time?says the teacher as he writes ‘The Hidden’ on the white board.

I’ve heard about it, my dad used to tell me their stories before I head to bed when I was a kid. They are some sort of un-expectable creatures, I guess? says one of the students.

No, they are known as ‘unbelievable creatures’ yet their tale hasn’t been completed. Says Olivia. Yes, the unbelievable creatures. The family lived happily ever after. Queen Amy got pregnant and her Husband Alexander is such a gentleman. Says one of the students.

Olivia rolls her eyes as she laughs and says Ha-ha’, unfortunately they didn’t. When the child got born, they killed Amy, and the whole family. Now, I’m not really sure of that, but what I’m sure is the child is chasing the tale of past, to know what exactly happened. To know if her hopes, will get her to move forward and to find out the facts. And that’s why our teacher wrote ‘The Hidden’ on the board. The tale is hidden and none of us know the fact of it, or what really happened back in 1754.Every students get this desire, a curiosity to know what happened, but once the students pay attention, Jake ruins it by saying Don’t tell me you guys really believe this shit. It’s a legendary which means it’s just a fantasy that we are talking about, therefore it’s not real. So move on guys”. The bell rings, and class gets dismissed, and as Olivia leaves the class, the History teacher says Seems you got a strong faith on this tale. Aren’t we all seeking for the truth? Don’t we all hate the lies? Don’t we all have an imagination to….. Chris completes her sentence saying to believe in and find out the hidden from our fantasy? Because who we really are, lies deep in us which is the unknown. Olivia stares at Chris with an impressed reaction and as she does that, Chris looks into her eyes saying As I said, you’re not the only one

Chapter 5
(The Spoken Heart)

First day of collage ended very well for Olivia, and on the other side, The Dimness Kingdom weren’t going terrific. Which is pretty splendid news for all of us, unless if you are on the wicked side. King William and Queen Sandra were getting frail by each day. Their daughter, Sophie, couldn’t handle in watching her parents drift, so she decided to head to humans world, which is Earth, in order to save her parents lives, but as soon as she does that, James shows up in-front of her with query expression and says Where do you think you’re going?,

Mind your own business Says Sophie with mulish voice and expression. And as she opens the gate of Humans world, James pulls his sword out and grabs his sister’s arm tightly, Let go of me, you mug! Do you have any idea what will happen if you didn’t let me go? says Sophie with fury in her voice, and gives James the look of madness.
If I didn’t let you go, you probably will attack me or perhaps kill me, and our parents and kingdom will evaporate, which doesn’t concern me much says James as he holds Sophie’s arm. Let me guess, you have fallen for her, didn’t you? Who are you? You sure you’re one of The Williams family? Ha-ha I should’ve expected that. What will our parents say if they figure this out? Says Sophie as she puts her hair away from her right eye and puts it right back of her ear and looks away.
James lets go off Sophie and allows her to head to the gate.

The weather gets gloomier and rainier back in Earth, and Olivia is afraid of thunders, but loves the rain. She walks down street, walking with her white heels and black leather jacket, with her hair tied up back like a horse tail, looking around her like she’s a kid who just lost her mother at supermarket. Lea sees Olivia, and gives her a hug from back, and then Olivia grabs Lea’s arms and turn them into different position,

OLIVIA, IT’S LEAA, YOU ARE HURTING ME!! says Lea, with distress expression,

I’m so sorry, I thought you were….oh dear, never mind, are you okay? I’m sorry Says Olivia with worried voice, as she messages Lea’s Arms,

I’m alright, but I’m a bit nervous tonight… Come on let’s walk a bit.  Gladly it’s not raining much now, and gladly I brought two umbrellas for us, just in case if it rained heavily again.”  -Lea

Are you sure you’re okay? Says Olivia as she gives Lea the look of care,

Yeah, yeah I’m totally okay. Umm Olivia, remember that guy you ran out from?-Lea

Chris? Says Olivia, with query expression.

Yes, Chris… Says Lea with love as she bites her lower lips.

I can hear your heartbeat beating really fast, whenever someone mentions his name. And your eyes are sparkling from the love you have from him. Says Olivia with smile on her face.

No, Ha-Ha… *blushes* well, I have crush on him, but I feel like he’s in love with someone else. I mean what if he doesn’t like me? But yet he shows me that he truly has some feelings for me. It’s just …. Oh my god, I’m out of words, I don’t know how to put my feelings into word. Says Lea, as she puts her hand on her heart.

Come on, let us remove the doubts from your head and let us follow your heart and feelings. Now lead me to your prince charming. Says Olivia while holding Lea’s hand and heading to the Malco Beach.

Chris keeps calling Lea, but she doesn’t answers. Obviously she kept her phone on silent when she left her house or probably on vibrate in her bag.

Both ladies arrive to the beach, and wave at Chris. And when Chris comes closer, Olivia says Well, I’m going to leave you both for now, but I’ll be back, alright?”

“But Olivia…” –Lea *Olivia walks away and doesn’t let Lea to complete her lines*

Chris and Lea, walk on the beach and chitchat about how their childhood was together, and remind themselves of how time passed by so easily. Hey Chris, remember when you gave me those sun flowers and I threw you on your face *flash back* Haha-Haha , I want you to know that, all these years, I … *Her phone vibrates* I’ve always…*Phone vibrates* sorry I must answer it’s my mom.. *answers the phone* oh hey mom, what’s wrong? says Lea.

Honey, if you don’t mind coming home now, I’d be grateful. Says Lea’s mother.

Yeah, sure mom, I’ll be there in a minute. *hangs up* I’m sorry Chris, but I have to go, and apologize to Olivia for me. Have a lovely night, bye.
Lea couldn’t admit about her feelings towards Chris. The chains around her heart, is pretty tough.

Olivia sits down on the sand on her own, and listens to the winds’ and waves’ sound as she closes her eyes. She gets a flash back about James’s eyes and how he held her, and stared at her. How she was feeling his warmth, and how an angel lies deep in him. How can you be cruel to me, yet show me the care and hide it from your family Says Olivia to herself.  She opens her eyes and stares at stars and says calmly by love Mother, if you only could guide me *tears fall from her eyes*.

Olli are you crying? Is everything okay with you? Listen, if it’s because Lea, well… she says sorry, but she had to leave says Chris with feelings. Wait… but why? And don’t worry about me *wipes away her tears* , a bit of sand went through my eyessays Olivia and tries to avoid his question.

Don’t touch your eyes, let me check it, *holds Olivia’s chin* open your eyes wide *looks into her eyes and blows a soft blow in her eyes* better? -Chris.
Olivia feels a bit uncomfortable about it, but as well she feels loved. Yes*looks into Chris’s eyes* it’s all better now says Olivia, as she tries to hide her tears again. Chris comes closer to her and puts his warm hand on Olivia’s face. Olivia closes her eyes, and as soon as Chris makes his move, which is to kiss her, Olivia stops him and says You and I can never cross the same bridge She Leaves immediately..

Olivia, *Goes after her* wait…!” –Chris.
Chris keeps chasing her till he catches her, and he actually did catch her, *Holds Olivia’s arm* What do you mean by ‘You and I can never cross the same bridge’? And did you even try? Says Chris with an emotional voice. Olivia looks away as her tears fall down on her rosy cheeks. Olivia, from the moment I saw you, something hit me… wasn’t your beauty nor the way you talk, but the way how you have strength in you, how you are after the facts and honesty *wipes Olivia’s tears away* and how you’re independent says Chris as he holds her hands. Olivia was out of words and speechless from what she was hearing, and also surprised of how a human being could fall in love with a creature like her. So instead of telling him who she really is, she ended up in saying Someone is deeply in love with you, and that someone isn’t me


Chapter 6
(On the Edge)

The Angel of Death, which is how Olivia feels now. The pain that she was going through back in the dimness castle it’s all back. Olivia, wake up! says Lea as she removes the blanket on her and shakes her a bit in order to wake up then sees that her body is cold as ice. Lea gets worried and runs to her mother saying MOM! WHERE ARE YOU? Her mother wasn’t home, so she called an ambulance. All the neighbors got gathered around her house, to see who got hurt and what’s going on. Chris was heading to Lea’s place, just to apologize to Olivia about what happened last night, but as soon as he sees that people are all gathered around Lea’s house and that they’re putting Olivia inside the ambulance, he stops his car and runs toward the ambulance and asks Lea with anger and worry What happened to her?
Lea stays quite and cries, ANSWER ME GODDAMN IT–Chris.
Lea gets inside the ambulance, and Chris heads to his car and follows the ambulance. When they all arrive at the hospital, Chris grabs Olivia’s hand and says If you only were a bit open to me, I swear I would’ve helped you out no matter what you were going through. Lea gets all shattered when she sees that Chris is holding Olivia’s hand and says to herself I assume the doubts that I had in my head, were actually trueShe sadly stays back.

The nurse didn’t allow Chris or Lea in the emergency room, so they stood outside, hoping that she will come out alive and that there won’t be anything wrong.

After 4 hours in emergency room, the doctor came out finally and said “Her sickness is rare, and impossible to be cured. We don’t even know what type of sickness she’s having. And there’s something strange about her back bones… There’s two extra long bones on her back, we didn’t take it out, because we noticed that, these two bones has no affection on the body, but if she wants to remove them, then we are ready, so we shall wait for the answer and her permission when she wakes up.”, “How’s her health, doc? Will she be fine? Where is she!?” Says Chris with worry. “She’s alright, but in a coma now. Do you know where her parents are?” says the doctor. “No clue…” says Chris as she looks at Lea.

Four weeks passes by, and Olivia is still in a coma. Jessica and Lea always visit her and check on her, and Chris barely visits her. “I see that you and Chris don’t talk much these days…” says Jessica. “I thought he likes me, but he is in love with Olivia. This is so ironic; remember how I used to reject him? And NOW, I want him… I’m so selfish and I honestly envy Olivia.” Says Lea with pain and shaking voice. Chris arrives, and when he hears that both ladies are talking about him, he stops and listens, “Why didn’t you tell him how you feel?” says Jessica with query expression and voice. “I was about to, but mom called, and wanted me to help her out for my cousin’s wedding… Even though I know he won’t be mine, I will still love him, because he owns a part of my heart. I wish…..” *Chris comes in* “From the rejection I was getting from you, though I was still trying to win your heart, I thought maybe falling in love with someone else will make me forget about you, but since I heard your true feelings towards me, I think I really and finally have won your heart” says Chris as he hugs Lea. “I truly love you” says Lea as her tears fall down and hugs him tightly. Chris kisses Lea gently and whispers “was waiting for this moment”. “Get a room you two… Gees” says Jessica with funny attitude. “So you don’t actually love Olivia?” says Lea. “I loved her, but we could never cross the same bridge.” Says Chris as he stares at Olivia. “You are starting to talk like her…” Says Jessica with query voice. The nurse comes in, and says “I assume visiting time is over, Kids” *Smiles the half smile*, “But wait a second, you’re not her nurse… where’s Ally?” Says Lea with confused face expression. “She got sick, Okay? Now can you all leave in a quiet way, and let me do my job?” Says the nurse. Olivia’s friends leave the room and head to school. The nurse holds Olivia’s hand, and feels that she’s cold as ice, and if this situation went on like this, Olivia might froze to death. “You are getting stronger, and we are getting weaker each day, but I swear to my parents’ lives, that I will kill you as soon as you wake up. You have fooled us all, but know this, not you or your close ones will live. We will kill them all, like we killed your weak family.” Says Sophie with anger and leaves the room as soon as the doctor comes in.

After few days, Her History teacher comes to visit her, and when he touches her hand, Her lost soul in fantasy comes back to reality, and Olivia, out of sudden screams from the pain and says “THEY ARE HERE!!” *opens up her eyes and wakes up from her bed* the nurses and the doctors come in her room to check on her, and one of the doctor says “Sir, it’s better for you to leave now, we going to take care of her” the teacher leaves the room and bumps up to his student, Chris, “What are you doing here sir?” says Chris with confused voice. “Obviously visiting one of my favorite student, is there a problem Mr. Chris?” says the teacher as he gives ‘the look’ to Chris, and leaves.

“AAH! LEAVE ME ALONE YOU MUGS, I DIDN’T ASK FOR THIS, please let me go! AAHH *the nurse injects Olivia* what did… you do… to… me?”Says Olivia as she passes out. Her eyes get shut, and her body calms, but her pain doesn’t fade away.

Chris enters in and asks “What happened to her doc!?”, “She woke up frightened; now let us leave, so she would get some rest”. Chris stood outside, didn’t leave the hospital and skipped school for a whole day. And when Jessica and Lea didn’t see Chris at school, they head to hospital immediately, having a doubt that something wrong might have happened to Olivia. When they have arrived, Chris saw them and hugged Lea, saying “Olivia woke up from her coma” Both ladies got happy and went to see Olivia. When they all entered the room, they saw that Olivia is already awake “Oh dear, thank god, we were so worried about you, how are you feeling now?” says Lea as she holds Olivia’s hand. “I saw my mother, her warmth filled my heart. I have her eyes, and her smile is beyond our imagination. She’s my guardian angel. Oh mother, how I miss you already… *Tears fall from her eyes* living a life without a mother, it’s like, having a painting with no meanings or colors. A home cannot be called ‘HOME’ without having a mother.” Says Olivia with her eyes filled of tears, and a heart of broken hopes. Her friends slept over, and they all decided to head to school tomorrow together. And they were all speechless about Olivia’s situation. None of them knew, that how can an angel like her, hide tons of sorrow.

Olivia has a brave heart like her father’s and a strong faith like her mother’s.

Chapter 7
(The Out Coming)

There’s no such thing as being lost, while having a tiny hope in your heart. The size of your hope doesn’t define your path, but having one does.

Sophie got no chance in wining against Olivia. Her tactics were harming the ones that are close to her, and take them as hostages. She kept watching Olivia’s friends’ movements, just like a crow waiting to catch its prey. And she’s as well getting stronger by stealing the soul of innocent people.

Back in the hospital, Lea wakes up earlier than any of her friends, she tries waking up her boyfriend, but Chris is just a lazy folk. Jessica and Olivia wake up from Lea’s voice, while she was trying to wake Chris up. The ladies get ready, except for Chris, obviously he is still sleeping.
How about we just leave him here? Poor guy was awake all day long *Petty expression* Says Jessica as she combs her brownish hair.
Or how about *Splashes cold water on Chris from a glass* THIS! Says Olivia with excitement and laughs about it.
WOO Ladies, woo, can’t a man just get his rest? *stands up and takes his witty top off* Says Chris.
The ladies giggle and Olivia heads out of the hospital with huge smile on her face. Looks like your boy works out pretty well, Lea *winks* Says Jessica and heads out with Olivia.

You are stunning babe Says Chris to Lea and kisses her on her rosy cheek.

As they all get ready and head to school together, Sophie spots Olivia with her devious eyes.
She’s here *looks around her* Says Olivia.
Who’s here Olivia? *Looks around her as well* There’s nobody here… Are you still tired? says Jessica.
I just had a weird feeling, that something heavy was surrounding me… Says Olivia and walks away.
Jessica walks with Lea and Chris, and says There’s something wrong, going on with her, we must support her guys.., I’m just saying ,
The doc told me that when she opened her eyes, she was frightened, like she saw a ghost or something Says Chris with worried voice and expression on his face.

Chris and Olivia take the same History class, and as Olivia enters the room, everyone hugs her, one by one. Her classmates were totally happy in seeing her alive and doing all fine.

Alright class, that’s enough, we have to start our lesson, and we sure are glad that Olivia is back, *looks at Olivia* I’m glad you’ve returned Olivia Says the History teacher.
Olivia just smiles at the teacher and sits on her place.

While the teacher is explaining and teaching the class, Olivia’s mind drifts away, and daydreams about the dimness castle, how things were back there. And asks herself what if it was all true…?,

Okay class, we’re done for now, but since we have ten minutes left, why don’t we talk about something that we can all get Benefit from? says the teacher as he closes his books and cleans the white board.
Sir, can we complete the tale we were talking about the last time? says one of the students.
Oh come on Stacy, why don’t you just stick with reality and forget your fantasy tale for a while, maybe then you will have a boyfriend. Says Jake as he puts his legs on the table and relaxes.
Shut up Jake, why don’t you get some balls and admit that you like Olivia, you pussy. Man up. Says Stacy as she flips her hair.
Ohhh Says Jake’s friends.
That’s ENOUGH, if you guys won’t respect each other, why don’t you respect your teacher at least, and have a shame in yourselves a bit” says the teacher with anger. We’re sorry, it won’t happen again says Stacy as she faces down.
It better not happen, ever again. And since Stacy insists in knowing more about the tale we’ve talked about, I assume Olivia would be glad to tell us more about it, since she knows so much, so Olivia, what do you say? says the teacher.
Olivia doesn’t hear her teacher, her mind isn’t around.
Olivia? *puts his hand on Olivia’s shoulder*
Oh…Yes sir? What is it? I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention says Olivia as she stares at his teacher’s eyes, feeling that something isn’t right, with confused voice.
*Bell rings*.
Okay class, try to revise page 194 and 200. ,
Sir, may I talk to you about something? says Olivia as Chris looks at her and walks out of the class.
Sure, why not? What is it? And if it’s about not paying attention, don’t worry about it. It’s alright. Says the teacher as he smiles.
No, it’s not about that, and I already apologized. Well, correct me if I’m wrong… you came and visited me at hospital, right? Says Olivia as her heart races.
Yes, that’s correct. I did visit you. I was worried.Says the teacher while he’s correcting his students’ papers.
Then correct this if I’m wrong, you’re half human and half a guardian angel says Olivia with confident.
The teacher, takes off his glasses, and put his papers away and says You’re wrong, I’m not a guardian angel, but I’m a soldier of glory, your mother was a guardian angel. Was? So, you mean… *tears fill her eyes* She’s actually dead… right? says Olivia as her words comes out so breathless.
Instead of crying over someone that is gone, try to get your battles and tactics ready. Because it’s getting foggy around you, and when it gets foggy, you won’t notice nor feel what’s going on around you. That fog will hunt your close ones as well Says the glory soldier.

I can’t help it. The amount of pain I’m carrying on my back is an endless number. But you’re right; I better stand my ground, and get my battles ready… says Olivia as she inhales and exhales slowly,
Here we go, now that’s a fresh strong start says the soldier.
But, I don’t own any weapons… Where can I find them or how can I make them? says Olivia with disappointed expression
Thought you’d never ask *smiles the half smile* your father kept a sword for you. Beware Angel of Glory, you don’t know what’s waiting you out theresays the soldier.

Angel of Glory? So I’m your sovereign? A leader? *query expression* and I know what’s exactly waiting for me out there. A Group of Cold hearted with rotten flesh.Says Olivia as she stands up. The soldier faces down, in order to appreciate and respect the leader of Glory.

Olivia got her strength back, thanks to the soldier of glory. And she’s sure as hell ready to battle and face anything that stands on her way. No battle starts with doubt and worry. It’s all about having strength and guts. No Guts no Glory.

Chapter 8
(Beyond the Mask)

In each day that passes, it leaves a trace behind, and each foot print, leaves a history behind. No matter how hard you tried to hide your real identity, someone will seek to your past and find it. You might have buried it very well, but it can never be erased, unless you ended it in a different way, or just admit about it and face all the consequence.

Now Olivia doesn’t know much about herself, or how strong she might get, nor about the two golden feathers that she has in her wings. There’s only one person, which actually can help her go through all this tragedy and vanish it easily, but who could it be?
Now that’s not what concerns us, does it? The question is, will that person appear in a right time?
Things are pretty foggy around Olivia. Since when creatures like her OR ALMOST like her live in the Human world, which is earth obviously. And how come nobody knew about it?

The dimness kingdom is getting stronger now, and as well the king and the queen, from the souls that Sophie has taken away from innocent people to transport it to her kingdom.
Why can’t you be more like your sister, James? Says the father.
Why can’t you be more vitality, and take out the enemy be yourself instead of putting your own daughter in a real danger? says James as he rolls his eyes, and with careless expression on his face.
William just stares at his son’s eyes and walks away with his arms on his back. James stood there wondering how he can meet up with Olivia, though he knows that she will have this sudden reaction which will lead in killing him, since she knows the truth, but not quite of what genuinely happened back in 1754.
My lord, your sword and armor are readySays the Bonnie soldier.
Leave them on the bed says James, as he goes and takes a shower thinking about how will his parents reaction will be, but then again he gets hit with a strong flash back about Olivia’s heartbeat, how powerful and pure it was. With every beat, the strength in her gets tougher. I shouldn’t have let her go says James to himself.
Honey? I heard you’re packing, are you heading somewhere? Says the mother, Queen Sandra with query expression.
That bloody bastard couldn’t keep his mouth shut Says James, as he gets out from the shower and opens his closet.
His mother holds his arm and says Look at me, are you going after your sister or after Olivia? says his mother with serious tone. James doesn’t answer his mother directly And why do you care?says James ,
In this castle, nothing is kept as a secret, so you better talk or you will end up just like your old dear uncle, who betrayed us says Sandra as her eyes color turn into dark violet.
Don’t you think, that it should be told for you, when you were the one who kept half of the war history as a secret!? King Alexander isn’t dead. Back in the battle, you sneaked behind Alexander’s back, and knocked him out, and after that you gave him the afterlife dose, which keeps the body pale as a dead person, and slows down the heartbeat for a while, but doesn’t kill, therefore you’ve frozen him alive. And those kind of angel, don’t die from being frozen, it just slows down their movements. The only reason you killed Amy, which was his wife, is because you were dying inside each time he touched her and I know jealously kills, so you ended up in keeping the love of your life, and killing his love of his life. What your husband’s reaction will be? Hmm I wonder… Now so long. Sandra couldn’t say a word; she was speechless and frozen in her place. And last words to his mother was One cannot keep his or her tale hidden.

James always been straight-forward, but couldn’t find the right time to say all what he have figured out. And he already lived in human’s world, and has an apartment as well. Also knows couple of people out there. He can spot the devils easily. He spotted his sister which is around the school area, but he didn’t come for his sister, he came to tell Olivia the truth beyond the entire tale she have heard and been told.

James unpacks his stuff, and out of sudden someone knocks on his door. He hears giggles coming from two ladies *opens up the door*,
Hello ladies *sarcastic expression* may I help you? says James as he holds the door, and the ladies keep on giggling.
I think I’ve seen you somewhere *bites her lower lip* says one of the ladies.
Listen ladies, if you are here to have fun, then you have knocked on the wrong door.” Says James and slowly closes the door, but one of the ladies holds the door, and says We were just testing you, and we’re sorry if we sounded a bit bitchy, we just want to get qualified people in our kickass party. Anyway, here’s two tickets, you can invite your chick *winks* it’s going to be after three month, when this gloomy weather ends, at Malco beach. James closes the door and says to himself a kickass party huh? Terrific.

Olivia got no time to have fun, or to relive herself with deep talk with her close ones, because she knows no matter how many times she want to let Chris know about it, she just falls back and keeps her mouth shut. Nobody can handle the person after the mask been removed, nor can they trust that person again. When in fact, that person was protecting herself from being called dramatic angel or attention seeker, or not wanting for people to petty her. She kept three month in a row, practicing on her tactics and movements, and been creating an armor with her mighty/glory old soldier.

I won’t let you down father says Olivia as she holds her sword high.
*the bell’s door rings* HELLO, IS ANYBODY HOME? WE BROUGHT COOKIES AND CUPCAKES!Says Jessica with a very loud voice and keeps knocking on the door, until Olivia opens it.
I think it’s your loco friend says the soldier.
I think you’re right Ha-ha says Olivia with funny look on her face and heads to open the door.

Damn girl, I’m melting, don’t you know its summer already, Geez *rolls her eyes* and DAAMN, look at you! You look like you just got out from your cave, what did that old man did to you? says Jessica with hilarious way.
Watch it young lady! Says the soldier.
Or else what? Lower my marks? You’re not my teacher, now are you? says Jessica as she flips her hair.
You people are insane. *smiles* what is it Jess? says Olivia.
Well, there’s a kickass party, and you should come, no excuses. Now head to your room and get a nice shower and get ready, while this old man and I eat the cookies and cupcakes, and don’t worry we will leave you some (we won’t) says Jessica.

So Olivia heads to take a nice shower, while the old mighty soldier and Jessica have their own chitchat
Now, what’s going on between you and her? She never mentioned you says Jessica with one of her eyebrow is raised.
I’m her uncle, and will you excuse me, I have some papers to check says the soldier directly, and goes to his room.
Fine, leave me alone like a retard. Says Jessica.

While Olivia gets out from the shower and puts a towel around her body, she looks at her reflection in the mirror, which is hanged in her bathroom. She sees James standing behind her, and as soon as she sees him she heads to her room and holds her sword tightly and says Show yourself!! *looks around her* James shows up behind her and holds her arms *the sword falls from her hand* , Olivia kicks James on his right leg, and heads to pick up her sword Don’t come any closer, or I swear I will cut your head off! says Olivia as there’s fear in her eyes.
HEY OLIVIA, what’s taking you so long? Are you on your period? says Jessica out loud.
JUST A SECOUND JESS Says Olivia as she stares into James eyes.
I’m not here to kill you. I’m here to help you out!” says James with a calm tone.
How can I believe a demon like you, who killed my PARENTS? Says Olivia with anger.
That’s enough, I’M COMING UP, you better not be BUTT NAKED! says Jessica.

Your father is alive… says James.
Once Jessica opens the door, James flies away immediately.
Why are you holding a sword? *gives Olivia a weird look* ugh never mind, let us just get you ready now, time is running out says Jessica.

Both ladies get ready and head to the mall to do some shopping and get their tickets for the kickass party. Jessica insists for Olivia to wear a dress that shows her body shape, but Olivia doesn’t feel right in these kinds of dresses. They kept two hours and half looking for a right summer dress, and finally they have found it Now that’s what I’m talking about, and girl you looking smoking hot in that green summer dress, now let us get our tickets before it gets sold outsays Jessica.
They ran fast towards the Malco shop and stood in first line.

Hey, good afternoon ma’am, how many tickets you want to buy? says the seller.
Just two, please. Says Jessica as she takes out her money.
Ma’am we’re sorry, there’s only one ticket left. Here you go
are you kidding me! says Jessica with shocked expression and leaves.
So, you got the tickets? asks Olivia.
No… just one says Jessica with sad expression.
It’s alright; you can go with Lea and Chris. I don’t feel like going out tonight at all, my back is killing me. Says Olivia with an exhausted voice.
You sure..? says Jessica.
Umm hey ladies, not trying to be a creep or what so ever, but I heard you guys don’t have an extra ticket, well it’s your lucky day ladies *smiles the half smile* I’ve got an extra, my buddy is not going to make it , so I suggest you to have it instead Says James.
No, thank you sir, we… *Jessica interrupts Olivia*
Well, thank you sir, we totally appreciate it says Jessica with flirty voice.
Cool, then see you girls there?” Says James.
Sure thing sexy boy says Jessica as she holds Olivia’s arm then walks away.
They both head to Cafeteria, and Olivia is upset of what just happened
Do you have any idea of what you did back there! Accepting a damn ticket from a total stranger?! Says Olivia.
How can a chick get a guy then? Besides he looks friendly and SUPER HOT! Now, don’t tell me he wasn’t and don’t you dare to deny it says Jessica as she drinks her energy drink.
Okay! Fine! He is good looking, but we don’t know who we are dealing with… what if he was a rapist? says Olivia as she sits and puts her hand on her forehead.
Well, I don’t mind getting raped by him says Jessica.
Ha-ha you’re insane *gets up* let us just get ready and not waste much time Says Olivia.
Now that’s my girl says Jessica.

After four hours of preparing, the ladies finally got ready and went to the kickass party.

I really have a bad feeling about this says Olivia.
Girl, CHILLSays Jessica.
Oh hey guys, you made it! says Lea.
Lea, I have to tell you about this guy we met at mall! says Jessica with excited expression. Lea and Jessica walk together and have their own girly chitchat.
Ha-ha-ha girls and their nonsense talks says Chris. Olivia just smiles at Chris.
Hey babe, your favorite song is on, come on!” Says Lea. Chris excuses Olivia to dance with Lea, and as Chris leaves, Jake from History class comes near Olivia and says You look hot babe *grabs Olivia’s hand* how come you’re single?,
Jake, leave me alone please. Says Olivia as she leaves him.
Hey, come on, I was just making a conversationsays Jake, while Olivia ignores him then he catches Olivia from back, and when James sees that, he punches the hell out of Jake. And both of them get into a huge fight.
JAMES, STOP! *grabs his arms* he didn’t hurt me, please let him go says Olivia. James leaves Jake and grabs Olivia’s hand and takes her out from the party, but before they leave, Jake says So you two are couples huh?, Jessica, Lea and Chris, they look at Olivia with wonder and confused expression, as she and James leave together.

James drives Olivia to his apartment, where no devil can spot them.

Are you out of your mind? And why on earth you’re following and spying on me? What do you want from me? My heart? Over my dead body. You have to battle me and win, in order to have it says Olivia with anger and grave tone. James just stares at her, and stands hopelessly while she’s shouting at him. He gets near and grabs her hand softly and puts it on his chest and says Do you feel that? *Olivia faces down* my heart was frozen and dead. And the stories about your family are not quite true. You can go on and yell at me as much as you want to, but that won’t get you anywhere nor get your answers., As Olivia stays speechless, James tells her the real tale about what exactly happened to her parents.

So you’re saying, your mother was having a fair with my father? And that my dad is actually alive! Well, where is he, if he is actually alive? Says Olivia.
It was before our time. And your father is trapped somewhere in our kingdom Says James and gets two glasses of water.
James, why are you…*looks into James eyes* putting your life at risk? Says Olivia.
I have my own reasons Says James as he puts the glasses on the table.
Well, I have to go… my uncle will be worried and it’s getting late says Olivia and heads to the door.
I’d be grateful if you quit lying. He’s not your uncle, he’s just a soldier who is protecting you, and will sacrifice his life for his Leader Says James as Olivia gets amused and says How do you…? Well I can’t trust a demon, can I? I don’t think so.
So you don’t believe me *sarcastic laugh*, that your father is actually alive… says James.
I’ll believe it, when I see it Says Olivia and goes home.
I can’t believe how naïve you’re says James to himself then follows her without Olivia knowing.

Instead of heading home, Olivia heads to the forest, the one that there’s an old tree house and stays there for the night to relive her mind from all the confusing thoughts, and says to herself we’re walking on a thin wire, James. Now my goal isn’t to find my parents anymore… I have to find out who am I, and where do I belong… and how can I end this tragedy. I don’t want any of my close ones to die ‘cause of me… James hears her while he’s on the tree house’s roof and then flies away with a heart filled with words unsaid.

We all are in a box, filled with our nightmares, and hidden thoughts. Even trying to explain turns out to be the hardest thing to do. The only thing that Olivia can do is following her heart and to try to believe in herself, that she can get out from the mess she’s in.

Chapter 9
(The Hunting)

They both dropped themselves in a scene, and everybody is wondering around, trying to figure out if Olivia and James are couples or not. But the worse thing is that Sophie spotted them and saw them getting out from the party together.
The queen and the king of dimness are getting prepared to destroy the earth and to take all the innocent souls.
So our son decided to end up like his uncle. *Scorn Laugh* what an idiot Says Sandra as her husband is confused and wondering why his son dropped out and betrayed them. Sophie heads to her kingdom, and tells her parents about what she saw, and how to organize their tactics back there.
Burn everything that has to do with James Says William to his soldiers with anger. Sophie is pretty happy that James betrayed them, and knows very well that her parents will get killed. The only thing she wants is the throne.

Olivia wakes up, feeling pain in her back. Lea and Jessica head to Olivia’s home, which is the soldier’s house, and ask him if Olivia is at home.
I thought she went to your place and had sleep-over or somethingsays the soldier.
No sir, she didn’t come to our place. Yesterday she left with a guy; I assume she’s with himSays Lea.
What guy? How he looks like? And please come inside ladies says the soldier. Thanks, well the guy looks handsomesays Jessica.
That won’t help me to know who the hell he is *sarcastic expression*. His eyes color? His name ..? Says the soldier.
He has blue eyes, dark hair… and as far as I remember, his name is James I guess.Says Jessica as she puts down her bag.
This is not good *someone opens the door* OLIVIA! *Olivia falls down* what’s wrong!? Olivia! Answer me!! says the soldier.
Call 911 Lea!! says Jessica out loud, and holds Olivia’s hand.
Don’t… I’m alright. I … I just feel in pain. *gets up* Get my sword. Says Olivia with a shaking voice and looking so pale.
But my Lady, it’s not the time says the soldier.
Chris stops by to check on Olivia *rings the doorbell*.
That must be Chris. Lea go and open the door. Says Jessica as she looks at Olivia weirdly.
Oh Chris, you’ve came just in time. You were right, something is not right about Olivia… Says Lea with fear. They both get inside the living room.
DO AS I COMMAND YOU! says Olivia with anger.
I will NOT. Your mother told me when it’s the right time, you battle. And you’re insane to go back there alone. You haven’t got your fully strength yet! says the soldier.
Olivia’s eyes turn into bloody reddish and says disobeying me, huh? and as she comes closer to the soldier, Chris holds Olivia’s arms and looks at her eyes, he gets frightened, but yet holds her arms and says What are you…? Olivia looks at him deeply in his eyes and pushes him away instantly to the wall.
CHRIS, NO!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE! YOU ARE INSANE!! Says Lea with anger and checks if Chris is alright.
I’m alright. She’s really tough says Chris.
James Breaks in, as Jessica and the soldier try to calm Olivia down and hold her, James says Get away from her. Her pain and sorrow is capturing her soul. Her father’s heart is getting warmed out back in dimness kingdom. This means, two sides of angels are trying to escape from the same muddle, but one of them is frozen. If Olivia couldn’t break the curse that the Queen Sandra put on her when she was born, she will die and the queen will get the heart.”
Cut the crap, and help her already says Jessica.
We can’t do anything… says the soldier.

Olivia stays on her knees, holding her head tightly from the pain she’s having, and screams out loud, when out of sudden her wings pops out from her back, the skin gets ripped and all of her friends get stunned and amused. She gets up and says I believe you before she falls, James catches her and holds her around his arms.
Her father woke up from the afterlife dose, and she felt him says James as he takes Olivia up stairs.
What just happened!? I’m really confused says Jessica.
Olivia is the leader of the Glory kingdom. Where all the peace and happiness lays. The tale that was being told to us while we were young wasn’t true at all. And now Olivia is fully prepared to fight the dimness family. Says Chris.
How do you know all this? says the soldier with query expression.
James comes down stairs with his hand covered in blood and says in case if you didn’t notice, his mother Castalia and Amy, were close friends. He was born as the same day as Olivia’s. His father Gorge always helped the Alexander’s family.”
Jessica and Lea are so clueless about what’s going on around them and they decide to go out and take a fresh air, but before Lea leaves she says to Chris When you’re done, you’re going to tell me who the hell you really are, or you will never see me again.
Ha-ha you’ve hunt the hard one, angel” says James.
What are you doing here? What happen to your desire in killing Olivia? Says Chris.
I killed her already; can’t you see this blood on my hand? Says James with sarcastic voice.
You fucking asshole *pushes James away and checks on Olivia* you’re sick says Chris.
Can’t you handle a joke? says James.
THAT’S ENOUGH! If you both want to start a fight then head outside says the soldier. Chris leaves and heads to Lea’s place to explain, and not to lose her. And James stays beside Olivia till she wakes up.

The sun rises, and Olivia wakes up. She sees that James has fallen asleep on her sofa. She wakes up with no pain, relieved mind and a smile on her face. She heads to the bathroom and cleans herself up from blood. And as well takes a bubble bath.
James wakes up and sees that Olivia isn’t her bed, and hears that she’s in the bathroom taking a bath, he knocks on the door and says “How’s the deva feeling?”, You can come in *James enters in* the deva is doing great ‘cause of the demon says Olivia.
James touches Olivia’s face gently and softly, also looks into her eyes, green as new leafs, when out of sudden the soldier comes in and says Oh, I’m sorry…. Son, why don’t you bring some grocery while Olivia gets ready? And then all of us have a nice breakfast. We are out of eggs and juice Olivia smiles and James says Alright old man. He heads to the grocery, gets all what’s on the list note and comes back flying. Is she done? says James,
Yeah, and I assume she’s picking the right cloth for today, right now. Says the soldier with bored tone.
Olivia looks at herself on the mirror and spreads her wings. James comes in, looks at her, and she says How come you never told me, that you’re actually half human as well? That tattoo on your arm, explains everything. I have one like that on my right thigh, but instead of chains, it is thorns. James comes near her and gently kisses her on her shoulder then says it took you forever to notice. And how come you denied your love towards me? Olivia glances away and ignores his question, and realizes that there are two golden feathers on her wings and says what do these two golden feathers mean?,
If one of these feathers took off and gave away to a person who’s badly injured and about to die, it can actually heal the wound. Olivia gets amused and smiles then says No wound remains forever, but the pain stays and be reminded later. Yes, it may seem insane, that how can you feel the pain which is gone all over again. No, you don’t feel it on your skin, but you feel it in your heart, over and over, unless you fight it and erase it with your passions and thoughts of positivity. We may look strange to others, and I don’t mind that at all. I love being one of a kind

Chapter 10
(The Force)white_veiled_angel_sword_wings_female_2560x1440_hd-wallpajper-470525

Every one of us has a fear of losing someone close to them. No matter how ugly the war or situation gets, you should stand your ground, fight and never fall back. And it’s not just in war that you must fight, you have to fight every single day just to live another day.
Back in dimness kingdom, Sandra is feeling quite anxious and keeps talking to herself. The king of glory which she has trapped, is free now, but Sandra doesn’t know that. William believed her lie about Alexander’s death.
Once he enters the low level of the castle, he sees broken glasses pieces everywhere, and the room is cold as his heart. Soldiers! SEARCH THE CASTLE! Says William out loud.
His daughter hears him; she comes down stairs to the low level of the castle and asks what’s going on. William doesn’t answers his daughter, because he has no idea what happened here, nor who was here. When Sophie stares at the broken glasses, she finds her mother’s nickels *picks up the nickels and heads to her mother*.
Mother, I’ve found your nickels that you’ve been searching for ages says Sophie as she’s looking for her mother. She goes to her mother’s room and finds her dead, stabbed to death. Sophie falls down on her knees and screams; the soldiers come in and call their king. William freezes in his place speechless, It’s James…says Sophie with anger.
Her father gives her the look of madness and says Are you out of your mind, thinking that James killed his own mother? You must be really crazy
He said that your death and mother’s death won’t ever concern him says Sophie with shaking voice and leaves the room with anger and heads to the human’s world to kill James and Olivia.

James feels his sister’s anger in him; Olivia feels his body is getting warm while she’s putting her head on his chest at the backyard.
She says Are you okay? *looks at him* you’re too warm,
The battle won’t be good at all. Come on, let us practice on our tactics and how to use your wings in battle says James with a sad half smile.
I won’t disappoint anyone, and I will save this world from dimness chaos says Olivia as James hugs her.
While James and Olivia practice, the soldier lies on his favorite sofa and takes a rest, when out of sudden someone rings the door bell, he opens the door and sees that it’s Alexander, his king!
Hello mighty soldier *smiles* I’m glad you kept your words says Alexander. The soldier stands speechless, not believing what he is seeing in front of him. Alexander heads to the backyard and sees his daughter flying with the demon’s kid, he strokes him with lighting *James falls*.
Olivia turns around and attacks Alexander with her sword, they both fight and she has no idea that it’s her father.
You’re quite fast, young lady says Alexander as he tries to hit her in leg with a stick, but Olivia jumps and hits the stick with a high force; breaks in two and turns into ashes. Don’t test me, now get lost says Olivia as she puts her sword under his chin and looks into his eyes.
Olivia, Don’t… *James takes Olivia’s sword away* that’s your father says James while he’s holding the sword.
Olivia stands with her eyes wide open and with a shocking expression.
How can a demon hold the sword of mightiness says Alexander as he tries to get up. I’m not completely a demon says James, as Olivia holds his hand tightly and looks into his eyes with love.
I see. My child, you got your fully strength from your mother. I’m sorry that I couldn’t save our people, but most of all *faces down from shame* your mother says Alexander.
That’s alright father, my mother spoke to me when my life was on the edge, and she will always love you even if you were hopeless in saving the world or our kingdom. Because she knows that you have tried your best, and as long as you have tired, that’s fine father *hugs him* says Olivia with a loving vice.
Chris comes in and once he sees Alexander, he bows down,
No, don’t bow my son. Says Alexander as he puts his hand on Chris’s shoulder.
So it’s five of us now, against the whole group of cold hearted bastards says Olivia.

Chris gets a call, Olivia asks him who it is, when he says it’s Lea, Olivia takes the phone away from him and answers, Hey Lea, why don’t you and Jessica come over. Chris and James are here too, and we’re barbequing
I knew he would be there. He really got worried about you, and so did we. I actually wanted to talk to you *Alexander asks Chris what’s that thing, which Olivia is speaking from* and I really want apologize that we left without even caring says Lea.
It’s normal. I mean I’m not surprised, if I was in your place I would’ve done the same, now bring your ass over here says Olivia.
Alright, I’m on my way *laughs* says Lea and hangs up.
It’s a phone. You save people’s number in order to call them later on, if you want to check on them or talk to them says Chris.
Quite bizarre, but interesting. And Olivia, my dear you’re talking in a really odd way says Alexander.
Ha-ha no my lord, in this world they will find your way in talking strange. And it seems Olivia is getting used to this world Says James as he smiles at Olivia.
I’m sorry father; people here are nice yet a bit stupid, but they have a huge heart which is really a great thing *Doorbell rings* and that must be Jessica and Lea. I’ll open the door. Says Olivia.
I smell NO BBQ!! says Jessica as soon as Olivia opens up the door.
We didn’t want to start without yousays Olivia with a laugh.
Hey babe *hugs Lea* how are you? says Chris,
I’ve missed you and I… Jessica interrupts Lea and says What about me Chris? No hello or how have you been? Nothing at all?

Alexander comes in and welcomes the ladies.
I know he is old, but he is good looking says Jessica as she whispers it to Olivia. Ladies, this is my father says Olivia and giggles at Jessica.
Well, that was awkwardsays Jessica.
After couple of hours in cooking and barbequing, all of them set around and thank god for having such great people who became family to each other. “Here’s to us” says Olivia. *Cheers*

Three days passes by and everything seems so calm and quiet.
I wonder what they are plotting says Olivia to herself.
Okay guys, the movie starts at 8:25 PM, so if you want to have fun before the movie then let’s go NOW!” says Jessica.
Calm down Jess, you’re spitting all over us Says James.
Jessica gives James the look of (are you fucking serious).
Lea laughs and says that look on your face was priceless.
Okay, seriously stop guys says Jessica.
Well, James and I will go for a walk a bit, then we will see you guys, alright? says Olivia while holding James hand.
Do your thing girl says Jessica.

Chris, Lea and Jessica head to the cafeteria, and James and Olivia head to the square which is outside the mall, when out of sudden Sophie shows up and stabs James in the chest. Olivia’s father gets a sensation that his daughter is in danger. Him and the soldier head to the mall right away.
While they are heading there, they see that the sky is getting darker, and everything is getting gloomy.
They’ve came Says the soldier.
It seems that it’s going to rain says Lea, knowing nothing.
Chris looks through the window and says They are here. Girls go hide somewhere safe!!
But Chris, what about you? says Lea with worried expression.
GO!! says Chris out loud.

Everyone is looking around asking what’s going on, and as soon as the cursed soldiers come down, people run away like crazy.

Olivia fights with Sophie, and both of them are tough enough to end one another. Chris sees Alexander running towards the square.
MY LORD *runs after him* SLOW DOWN says Chris.
Alexander turns around, stops and says to Chris and the soldier slow down the bloody soldiers, don’t let them enter the square.
Chris and the soldiers do as Alexander commanded them.
AHH *cuts one of the soldier’s head off* THERE’S TOO MANY OF THEM!!says Chris with anger.
When Alexander tries to strike Sophie with lighting, William attacks him and says So we meet again, I found out everything and gladly that disgraceful woman killed herself” “You bastard! *breaks William’s armor with one single force of light* you thought that you can kill us and take everything away *points his sword at William’s heart* well, you’re wrong says Alexander with madness as William coughs blood and says The more anger controls you, the tougher you get *laughs out loud sarcastically* you couldn’t safe your own wife, and you think you can safe your daughter
Alexander gets mad, and stabs William, but he misses, then William gets up immediately and turns around, stabs Alexander through his heart.

James gets up and helps Olivia to fight Sophie.
Two against one, perfect says Sophie while she laughs, feeling petty towards James. Chris joins in and helps Alexander to stand his ground, but his strength is running out and can’t keep on.
My lord, hold on *Alexander falls and dies* MY LORD!!!!
Olivia falls down as well; her father strength and hers are attached to each other.
YOU FOOL! I WILL SHOW YOU NO MERCY says Chris out loudly with madness and fights William.
Olivia gets up slowly, and walks towards her father I’m sorry father *plucks one the golden feathers, and once it turns into golden ashes, she puts it on her father’s wound* but I will not let you down.
As James looks at Olivia, he says OLIVIA BEHIND YOU! Sophie sticks her hand through James’s chest and smashes his heart. Olivia looks around and attacks the bloody soldier. Well, isn’t this surprising? *laughs* you couldn’t safe the love of your life, just like your poor dead father couldn’t safe his love
Tears fill up in Olivia’s eyes and looks at James hopelessly. She plucks her last golden feather and puts it on James heart and says When this war ends, I want you to be the guardian angel of our kingdom *takes off her nickels and gives it to him* as I said, I won’t let down anyone, its either me or my beloved ones
Olivia… don’t … *Olivia walks towards Sophie with her head faces down* don’t.. Please say James with sporadic voice.
“It’s you and I now. If you are afraid of death, then surrender. Says Sophie as Olivia’s eyes turn into bloody reddish, wings into black and pointy, and body covered with thorns and chains.
Sophie gets back slowly and gets ready to attack.
It’s either me or them. How can I be afraid of death, when I’m the death itself? says Olivia with double voice as it echoes.
“I can’t believe she did it. The Death Angel says Chris to himself.
Olivia pulls her sword and chains out, then throws the chains *the chains get around Sophie’s neck* and drags her towards herself.
You can surrender says Olivia with an evil smile.
Think again says Sophie and stabs Olivia in the knee then stabs her in the heart right away.
Olivia falls down, putting her hand on her heart with sporadic breath.
It seems you won’t surrender *walks around Olivia*, well then farewell you bloody bitch says Sophie, but Olivia is fast as light, she notices that the chain is underneath her feet, once she pulls the chain, Sophie falls and Olivia takes her chance and cuts off Sophie’s head, and puts it next to her father’s head and burns it down alongside their body.
The sky gets brighter; all the soldiers of doom and dimness turn into ashes and fade away.

Jessica and Lea come out from the place where they were hiding and head to the square once the sun shows up.
Olivia falls down from having too much of dark strength, also from bleeding. She looks at the sky, puts her hand on her heart, and says I did it mother”.
Her father and James get up and see that their wound has vanished. Both go towards Olivia; James grabs Olivia and her father says Your mother would be so proud as Olivia’s eyes slowly shut and her body turns into little blue butterflies.
Chris, what happened!? Where’s Olivia!says Lea.
James holds Olivia’s nickels tightly, and Alexander goes to check on Chris and the soldier.
Sir!! Where’s Olivia? says Lea with tears filling up in her eyes.
Lea… *cries* she’s gone… says Jessica. Chris looks away.
Lea heads towards James while she’s mad and hits him in the chest repeatedly saying Why didn’t you save her or at least stopped her!?
Chris Holds Lea as she cries out loud and says I never had a sister, but she really was close to my heart from the first time I saw her. How can I get used to my mornings without Olivia now. Jessica stands there looking at Lea while crying.
She knew that her strength will take over her soul and kill her, but it was either her or us. And she has chosen herself to save us. Not just us, but the entire people in this world Says James while starring at Olivia’s nickels.

When you’re stuck in two paths and both leads to your goal, but as well leads to losing something precious, don’t be too stubborn in loving your soul and leaving many souls at risk. It’s better to lose one than many.

Not all of us risk their lives for someone, not all of us are ready to meet the rough and tough consequences, but why not? Why won’t you save a life or at least appreciate someone?
Why so weak?
Why are you letting the cage of your life to win?
Why can’t we just fight the doom and have enough guts?
IF THERE’S NO GUTS, STRENGTH, LOVE, BRAVENESS or even a single forgiveness and hope, there surely won’t be glory.


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