People are like stars. Some are big, small or even very tiny. Some shine and some don’t. We are only noticeable when we shine. Doesn’t matter how small, tall, short, fat, and skinny you are. But as we are the stars, some people are like the moon. They need to be surrounded around right people, in order to shine. […]

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Humanity of Love

Yes, I risked myself to safe two souls. Two young souls. Why would I let you and the kid die, when I know there’s a chance to help and get you both out safely from fire? it was a huge risk, but that doesn’t give you a reason to love me. That’s not even a […]

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How idiotic of me to think that I could be something while everything is falling apart. when will my mountain stand still and be tough like any other mountains? I’m sure, well at least I hope so… that one part of my mountain isn’t broken yet and that part should keep me looking forward. I […]

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I Don’t Know Anymore

I don’t know anymore,  I don’t know what to do anymore. It is like I’m in a black hole or that I have some sort of a memory loss. I see my world upside down. I can’t seem to decide anymore, I just cluelessly nodd. My answers are getting smaller as days pass by. As […]

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Odd Aware

What if the things around us was just an illusion and what we were dreaming of was our reality? Waking up in a mental hospital, surrounded by people who were soundless, and smell of fresh roses filling up the room. As I peak from an opened door, I see a pink hallway with a window […]

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I’m Not Asking For Much

Girls hide lots of things, yet they wish somebody would know what they’re feeling just by looking through their eyes. Girls can be picky and needy, but they’re like a child who needs to feel safe around someone’s arms. All I need is for you to fight for me a bit, to be there for […]

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I’ve been chasing after a ghost, a fantasy, someone… I can’t feel. For a second It seemed he was real, but something hit me like a lighting.. Then I knew, the people we want cannot be felt, because the people who long for us don’t exist. And if you create them, you will only fall In […]

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